Panodime makes decision-making easy.

When you're flooded with options, making decisions can be difficult.

We just give you the content you want. So you can stop being frustrated and having to endlessly scroll through thousands of choices.

What You Should Watch

Too many options? Let us help you find all the movies and TV shows you’ll love

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We’re starting by helping you to decide what to watch next.

We do this two ways.

1. We are creating a social network dedicated to show and movie recommendations. The network allows you to rely on your trusted community for suggestions. And you can have the fun of sharing your favorites easily with others, including creating watch lists together.

2. We are developing an algorithm that takes your preferences into account to give you better show and movie recommendations.

Get control back over information


We connect you to others you trust. So deciding what to watch is fun and sharable.


When you’re flooded with options, making decisions can be difficult. We make choosing simple.


Stop wasting time filtering through unnecessary content. We make it easy to focus on the content you want.

Where we are going

Panodime will be a one-stop reference that helps you orient yourself on any decision you need to make, helping you navigate our increasingly complex modern world.