Our Team


Brian Wood
I'm the CEO and co-founder of ThoughtFull. Since graduating law school, I've spent my time trying to create things that empower people and give them opportunities to think for themselves. ThoughtFull is in many ways the culmination of that work. I believe ThoughtFull has the potential to change the way we get information online and reinvigorate our democracy.
JD: Harvard Law School, BA: Philosophy and Gov’t, Georgetown
Jim Liao
I'm the technology architect for ThoughtFull and have been involved in its development from the beginning. I've been programming since I was in middle school and I'm happy to be contributing my experience to furthering ThoughtFull's mission of fighting fake news and providing balanced information.
B.S.: Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2008
Nate Otey
I'm a co-founder of ThoughtFull, and passionate about helping people have better discussions about controversial and divisive issues. I've taught critical thinking courses for high school students since 2013, and conducted workshops on controversial topics in philosophy, bioethics, and current events. I studied philosophy and math at Harvard and taught AP Calculus before starting ThoughtFull with Brian.
B.A.: Philosophy and Math, Harvard
Nigel Snowdon
I've been working with ThoughtFull because I have a hands-on appetite for challenging endeavors designing cutting-edge revenue-generating technology solutions. I have extensive international experience across Americas, Europe and Asia with acute sensitivity to cultures, and I'm versed in both corporate and start-up environments and various levels of decision makers able to build relationships across and blend cross functional teams’ strengths to achieve outstanding business performance. I thrive on solutioning for highly engineered systems, requiring deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries and delivering on customer commitments.
BS in Economics from Baruch College


Conor Scharr
I’m a freelance writer, photographer, and aspiring filmmaker residing in Brooklyn, NY. I believe that the newsreading world has lost its way in terms of opinion forming, having fallen prey to misinformation, logical fallacy, and snap judgment. What attracted me to Thoughtfull was its simple solution to all of that. It provides a neutral middle ground in which people on each side of an issue can properly educate themselves about the other before making a judgment. I’m excited to be a part of an organization designed to bring people back together and make the world less combative when it comes to the issues of the day.

When not working with Thoughtfull, I can be found reading, biking, watching movies, or wandering the streets of New York with my camera.
B.A.: Media Studies and Production, Temple University
Jesse Love
I'm a senior in the school of LSA double majoring in political science and philosophy. I am the Event planning and outreach coordinator for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Delta Rho Chapter, the Event Planning and Volunteer Coordinator co-chair for the Creatives of Color, and the head of the branding & marketing for Orgnl Clothing. After college (among other things) I want to be a lobbyist for a teacher's union and then go back to school to be a civil rights attorney.

I’m excited to write for ThoughtFull because I think it is important to keep our society informed on pressing issues we face so we are all equipped to make the most educated decision on the issue when the time comes. Perspective is everything and I love exploring and introducing people to new perspectives everyday!
University of Michigan
Josephine Yurcaba
I'm a freelance writer and editor based in North Carolina. I cover politics, sexual violence, web culture, and mental health. I joined the ThoughtFull team because I believe a lot of modern journalism isn't grounded in sound reasoning, which is vital to helping readers make informed political and social decisions.
BA: Journalism and philosophy, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Justin Vassallo
I'm a contributing editor to ThoughtFull from Brooklyn, NY. My interests include international relations, comparative political economy, development, public policy, party systems, and social movements. I chose to work for ThoughtFull to help improve the health of political debate and public knowledge.
M.A.: Political Science, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Khessy Cates
Kianna Watler
Lane Long
As a recent college grad working in business development for a large manufacturer, I'm on the road a lot. The more I travel, the clearer it becomes how polarized our nation is along political lines. What's also clear is that those divisions are much more based on geography, demographics, and media exposure than they are on informed judgment.

Thoughtfull's mission to objectively present a wide-lens look at the hot-button issues of our day is one I consider critical to our ability to maintain America's history of productive civil discourse. I'm on board to help stop important conversations today from being derailed by deeply held convictions that just aren't based in fact.

Outside of work, I write on technology, personal finance, and economics. As a native North Carolinian, I love to hunt, fish, and follow Tar Heel sports.
B.A.: Economics and history, UNC-Chapel Hill
Lindsey MacAlalad
Michael Zhang
I'm a freshman from Andover, Massachusetts who is attending the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business. I joined the ThoughtFull team because I believes in the importance of spreading awareness of current events and promoting dialogue. Outside of ThoughtFull, I enjoy debating, swimming, and playing the clarinet.
University of Michigan
Sam Land
I'm a Wisconsin native and alumnus of the state's flagship university, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I studied law and politics in college, which remain major interests of mine today.

I chose to work for ThoughtFull because I feels his background, skill set, and interests are an excellent fit here. In addition, my personal values align well with ThoughtFull's mission and Core Principles. In particular, I look forward to creating unbiased, independent content that readers can rely on to aid them in coming to their own conclusions on issues they are most interested in.

Hobbies of mine include reading, running, hiking/camping, and following my favorite sports teams, in particular the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Cubs!
B.A.: Political Science and Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sonja English
After years of acquiring debate experience, I wanted to share some of that knowledge with people who are interested in everyday news. ThoughtFull is a platform where I can breakdown arguments that recur in news coverage to help readers 'see the bigger picture' before forming their own opinions. I think it develops more independent thinkers who recognize bias in our news. Bias is an inevitable fact; what's important is the ability to perceive it.
Wesleyan University
Stevey Holt
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